[Accepted] SOCIAL APPLICATION: Furiosul (will be Hexidium)

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About you:

Name: Mihai
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Location: Bucharest, Romania

About WoW:

Character Name: Furiosul (will be Hexidium after the realm transfer, if I get accepted *wink wink*)
Character Class: Shaman
Character Spec: Elemental
Armory Profile: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/outland/Furiosul


What is your Battle Tag:
Where did you find out about us: Through Nelly, my brother from another mother :D
Why do you wish to join Indecisive?: To be perfectly honest, I think BFA is a huge disappointment. I'm not finding the current content hugely enticing, and the few friends that I had playing the game have quit after the release of Uldir.

Being bored with the game, I cancelled my sub a month ago, but ever since I've gotten to know Nelly better and he rekindled my passion for the game. Nelly keeps saying that Indecisive is a guild of like-minded players with a large active roster of both dedicated raiders and socials, and I would greatly appreciate being part of it.

For the time being, the content I'm doing in-game is rep farming, transmog runs, some old content, a few achievements here and there and a couple of BFA dungeons (never ventured into m+ territory this expansion, but I will soon enough), so I'm looking to widen my horizons alongside new friends!

It would be my honor to represent such a prestigious guild to the open world of Azeroth, while at the same time filling everyone's chat with green-text dank memes.

Hope to hear from you soon, hugs and kisses! :D
Furiosul (will be Hexidium), mightiest elemental shaman known to Azeroth.

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Hi Mihai,

You are very welcome to join us, feel free to give one of the officers a poke for an invite once your transfer is complete.