[Declined] RAIDER APPLICATION: Pyrodh - Havoc / DD   Demon Hunter

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About you:

Name: Baraghin Andrei
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Location: Romania

About WoW:

Character Name: Pyrodh
Character Class: Demon Hunter
Character Spec: Havoc / DD 
Armory Profile: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eu/kazzak/Pyrodh
Warcraftlogs: Not worth linking

What rotation or prioritisation of abilities do you use:-
It really depends on the procs I get mid-fight. For example if I get Overwhelming Power up while I have 2 seconds left in Meta form, I will always use filler (demon's bite) and then fury spender (chaos strike) since I know that I have the bonus haste in order to add one more spell in the rotation before the Meta runs off. If I run the Demon Blades build and I have 40 fury I'll prioritise Eye Beam over anything else since the bonus haste will get me more auto attacks > more fury. I'll always check Big Wigs timers for any adds spawn mechanic before using my cleave abilities (eye beam/blade dance) in order to utilies them in the most efficient way and so on. Basically the rotation slightly changes depending on the encounter / talent build / trinkets / azerite traits I'm running.

Please explain how you optimise your character:-
I'm looking for BiS stats items ( crit / versa in my case ) that are optimal for my build. I'll usually farm the raid bosses / dungeons that drop the items I need for the DPS increase. I use raidbots stat weights to find out what are the most important stats  needed in order to do so and that's how I optimise the character. I do the weekly PvP cap for the extra rewards , spam high mythic + dungeons and I'm currently saving up for the jewelcrafting rings.

Link a screenshot of your current UI: https://prnt.sc/otnx8b  ,   https://prnt.sc/otnx4k
When did you start playing WoW:  Beginning of Legion but I invested a lot of time into the game since then.
Have you read and do you agree to our raiding expectations:  Yes


What is your Battle Tag:  Pavelow#21208
Where did you find out about us:  An officer / guild master added me.

What guilds have you been in? Why did you leave?:-
I've been only in 2 or 3 small guilds that lasted for one month at best. They disbanded because of the lack of interest and skill from the players.

Why do you wish to join Indecisive:-
It looks like a guild where I can grow as a better player and I wish to achieve top performances like I did in every other game I played, competitive. I am a really devoted person when it comes to things I enjoy doing and I wish to "go big" in World of Warcraft with other people that want the same thing as I do, performance and a good time.

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Re: RAIDER APPLICATION: Pyrodh - Havoc / DD   Demon Hunter
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Hey Baraghin,

I tried to contact you on battle.net but have had no further response from you. We won't be able to offer you a trial with us as a Mythic raider. If however you do wish to join as social and try out some of our HC/Alt run's then please feel free to get in contact.