[Accepted] SOCIAL APPLICATION: It will be Cakehouse - Any Hunter

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About you:

Name: Barry
Age: 29
Location: The Netherlands

About WoW:

Character Name: It will be Cakehouse
Character Class: Hunter
Character Spec: Any
Armory Profile: Dont have one yet


What is your Battle Tag: 
Where did you find out about us:
Why do you wish to join Indecisive?: Hello and good evening.

Iím returning tot wow after a super long break (cataclysm firelands) and want to join a STEADY guild who will last and where i can actually stay and feel at home in. Back in the days I was the definition of a min-maxer. Never actually quit wow since I love to keep reading guides and the recent raids, while I donít actively play.

Iíve been back for almost a month now and I feel like Iím missing out on the social aspect of the game (currently guildless).

I see you need ranged dps and I want to apply as a hunter (social member) and when Iím geared enough join into mythic keystones and raids. Iím open to play other ranged classes except for warlock.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!
My discord tag:  Cakehouse#4893

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Hi Barry,

You are very welcome to join, see you in game